Vordonia Athenolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Vordonia Athenolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicacy for the whole family:

  • Terroir driven Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • HIGHEST olive to oil pressing ratio in the world. I average 1 kilo of oil from 3 kilos of olives (34 percent oil).
  • From start to finish each pressing could take up to 7 hours.
  • Single Cultivar (Athenolia Olives).
  • Hand Harvested.
  • Cold Milled/Cold Separated. Once the olives are crushed into a thick past, I add the correct amount of cold water to help make a consistent mix for the press. I separate my oil from it’s natural water content with cold water. Insuring my oil’s pure flavor, aroma, color and longevity.
  • Limited Numbered Bottles. Each year’s harvest range from 600 bottles to 1800 bottles.
2024 Harvest 680 12.5 ounce bottles